Beginner (tour of the Mountain) and Intermediate (with the Calamita's mine). Flow and gas!

Tour Monte Calamita

The Tour of Monte Calamita can take purely landscaped connotations (even the most gravity biker will remain entranced) thanks to the high ring of Mount Calamita that takes us in the middle of nature with a total view of the sea for the entire Tour! This ride is perfect for beginners and also for the less fit, where our top-range e-bikes come to help.

Another variation is to put a pinch more than adrenaline thanks mainly to the descent of Poggio Polveraio or Val di Fosco, 2 trails that descend to the sea. The descent of Poggio Polveraio is certainly among the most beautiful of the island, certainly not the most technical but among the most fun, with a lunar landscape: black and shiny boulders, blue and green veins, wild coasts and red earth. It is in fact the old mine of the Vallone, an open-air site of the Capoliveri mine, which still bears the signs of a thousand-year work. The machines, still visible, worked until 1981, the year of closure for all the mines of Elba.

On Monte Calamita we can organize any kind of tour for any kind of need. Do not you know your level precisely? Do not worry, it is not a problem to modify the tour in "direct line", an advantage in having a guide at your side.

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