Bike Center Elba

MTB School
Davide Finetto (Elite rider, Teacher MTB and tester of the magazine 365mountainbike Magazine), will teach you all the tricks with MTB lessons (including e-bike).

2 days per week fot Mountain Bike School by Davide Finetto, MTB Guide and Elite rider. Maximum 5 bikers for the utmost seriousness. The course covers the basic techniques of the MTB, which many bikers "advanced" underestimate:

- Neutral position (arms, eyes, center of gravity):
- Behaviors and attitudes during a descent;
- Curve with support;
- Curve without support
- Steep and elevation changes;
- Being soft and fluid ...


People Price
1 person 40€/h
2 people 35€/h
3+ people 30€/h


For custom requests, or in different days, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.