Tour to visit the various Calamita mines

Mine Tour
We will go to visit the various mines (not inside) of Monte Calamita such as the Vallone mine and the Ginevro mine.



In the Tour of the Mines we will go to furrow the paths that were used by the miners to reach the quarries on Monte Calamita: one of the most suggestive is the Vallone construction site, the largest and oldest in Capoliveri. Inside it was born one of the most characteristic and fun mountain bike trails of the island, a continuous flow to the sea (Poggio Polveraio). In the intermediate lap we will cover it entirely from the summit (Garitta, 400m above sea level) to the sea, while in the easier version we will limit ourselves to the central section only: simpler but certainly not of lesser visual impact.

There will also be a visit to the Ginevro mines, the only mine in Elba where an internal excavation has been undertaken through tunnels starting from +6 meters and reaching up to -54m. If you want to visit the interior, we recommend the Into the mine tour which, thanks to certified guides, we will enter the mines equipped with helmets and torches (entry is not recommended for those who suffer from narrow spaces). The mines were in operation from 1971 to 1981 and was one of the most modern mines in Europe, built with very innovative criteria for the time. At the time of the interruption of the mining activity, only 1/3 of the deposit had been exploited, although there is still a lot of iron in the depths, available up to 250 meters below sea level.

Of note is the Magnetic Festival, a musical event that takes place in the summer, dedicated to musical art in all its expressions: operetta, opera, classical and baroque music ... all inside the quarry!


Miniere del Ginevro Isola d'Elba

Magnetic Festival

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