Enduro style tours: panoramic rooms without too much trouble and spectacular descents!

Enduro Tour
Difficult: EXPERT


Our Enduro Tour stops at the center of the island on Monte Perone, Tambone and lapping the Capanne: there are many funny, technical and sea-view trails (which never hurts). The departure is from Marina di Campo and on the basis of the level we will decide which trail to tackle even if the Sassi Ritti is among the must, also seen the epilogue to Cavoli in one of the most popular beaches of the island.

The paths are quite technical with wooded sections alternating with rocks, where we have to pay special attention so as not to risk dangerous stoppages. Here an Enduro bike will surely be fully exploited.

Passing in the area of ​​San Piero, Cavoli, Seccheto and Fetovaia, we come across "artefacts" taken from the rock: ancient columns, altars and tanks that tell us an ancient history of what were the places of the ancient quarries. The use of granite has been witnessed since prehistoric and Etruscan times, and the quality of the Elbana rock is demonstrated by the many exports over time. Nowadays we find the Cooperative Filippo Corridoni which boasts 150 stonemason members and that, even today, produces high quality products.

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