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Anello Alto
Ideal route for those who want to fully enjoy the beauty and curiosity of these places without making too much effort thanks to top range e-bikes!
Level: EASY



Who was Oscar Tobler? How was the Tuscan archipelago born in myths and in reality? What can be understood from the landscape that characterizes this part of the island? Why is Monte Calamita so called? What strategies do the plants we meet on the path use to reproduce and defend themselves? Why is the earth so red in some places? Is it true that tropical plants exist in our latitudes?

These and many other questions will be answered in an ideal path for those who want to fully enjoy the beauty and curiosity of these places without making too much effort thanks to top-of-the-range e-bikes!

From the Bike Center Elba we will leave towards Poggio Fino to take the dirt path that circumnavigates Monte Calamita. In doing so we will tell you about the history of this side of the island within the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, passing by rare wild orchids and pausing to observe the territory and landscapes of the Archipelago.

The high ring is a very scenic route that runs all around Monte Calamita at an average height of 300m, with a spectacular view over a large part of the island. Departure from our headquarters on the Costa dei Gabbiani, a wild stretch located on the eastern coast of the island of Elba, dominated precisely by Monte Calamita and the homonymous network of trails in the Capoliveri Bike Park. The name derives from the presence of the herring gull, which lives in this stretch of coast and nests there.

The vegetation consists of high cliffs overlooking the sea (the summit of Monte Calamita, Garitta, reaches 400m above sea level) and many small coves and small beaches, mostly private within the Tenuta delle Ripalte. In fact, once you arrive at Tenuta delle Ripalte, it will not be possible to continue with motorized vehicles, unless you are a guest of the structure.

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