The accurate report released on 365mountainbike of the month of June (2015) that raises the promontory of Monte Calamita among the world paradises of the fat wheels, like a bit 'all over the Elbe. Our Bike Center Elba is located right inside the Calamita. The article can be downloaded in PDF or browsable by clicking on the image below.

There is a magical place for us bikers, and not only, on the island of Elba: it is the promontory Monte Calamita that, despite the mining and industrial exploitation of the past, is currently one of the most beautiful, wild and less whole Tuscan Archipelago. A "mountain" on the sea characterized by Mediterranean scrub and pine forests, overhanging cliffs furrowed by dirt roads and scenic paths, agricultural areas and a large mining area with walls and rocks of many colors.

Bike Park Capoliveri