Our toughest lap: uphill technician, downhill technician and without a flat meter. Technical and resistance required, characteristics of the ideal endurist. The numbers do not give him reason: 50km for 1500m in altitude can be quite affordable, but will be difficult to conquer with rocks, granite, steps, steep ... and all with a final sea view that will inebriate the senses!

If you are a technical biker but you lack the training, here comes our top-of-the-range e-bikes to help you, while if you are a tired old athlete, this Epic Tour will give you unique satisfactions. Departure and arrival from Marina di Campo, passing through Monte Perone and crossing the Capanne up to Chiessi, a magnificent village where you can breathe an Elba of other times, which creates an explosive contrast with all the adrenaline accumulated during the descent. .. and you can not miss a dip in the sea!


Chiessi Isola d'Elba


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